No practice facility, no problem?

Jeff Bzdelik doesn’t expect Cory Higgins to ever see the proposed basketball practice facility during his career at Colorado. The incoming freshmen who recruited thinking the $10 million project was going to be on campus by 2010 probably won’t step foot in it either.

Heck, Bzdelik might not even coach a practice in it.

And that’s OK. At least for now.

CU has bigger concerns to worry about, as most of us do in this economy.

“To be honest with you, basketball here at CU, from a facilities standpoint, has been neglected for many years and we knew that coming in. But we’ve made great strides,” Bzdelik said during Tuesday’s Big 12 coaches teleconference with the media. “My attitude with the practice facility is this, and it starts with me as a leader, is we have to find a way to win with the people we have, as opposed to worrying about what we do or don’t have.”

To his credit, Bzdelik understands that other departments on campus are hurting a lot worse than the basketball department.

“The practice facility is not going to happen for a while, but 75 full-time faculty and staff have lost their jobs at the university,” Bzdelik noted. “That’s a lot of people and a lot of families. The practice facility, compared to 75 people losing their jobs, isn’t a concern and doesn’t bother me. We’re just going to have to find a place to play and to practice and so forth.”

I find this attitude refreshing. CU basketball needs to stop feeling sorry for itself and start making some progress on the scoreboard. If the Buffs win and become a successful program, the Coors Events Center will fill up and perks like facilities will eventually be taken care of.

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Ryan Thorburn has been a sports writer at the Camera since 2000. He covered the Denver Broncos beat for eight seasons (2000-2007). For the last six years Ryan has been covering the University of Colorado athletic department, including beat writing duties on men's basketball and column writing on football.
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