Five good minutes with K-Mac

KANSAS CITY — Greetings from the Sprint Center.

Colorado women’s basketball coach Kathy McConnell-Miller, entering her fifth season in Boulder, believes the Buffs can finally take a step forward in the Big 12.

Here are some of excerpts from her conversation with the Camera at the Big 12 media days on Wednesday.

Thorburn: Brittany Spears has scored just over 1,000 points in her first two seasons at CU, a historic pace only Lisa Van Goor has experienced. But now that you have surrounded her with more talent, will her scoring average have to come down or will she continue to put up big numbers.

K-Mac: With the exception of one play last year when we had the ball in her hands at the end of the game against Nebraska, we have never designed one play to get Brittany Spears a shot or a look. It has always come within the offense. With what we’re doing now, playing with more guards and more uptempo, that’s only going to enhance her opportunities. Her biggest challenge is teams are really going to key on her.”

Thorburn: Surprised about anything you’ve seen during the first week of practices.

K-Mac: Julie Seabrook has been a pleasant surprise with her confidence. She was very good last year as a freshman, along with Alyssa (Fressle). Alyssa was aggressive and an A-type personality who goes 100 percent and never lets up. Then you have Julie, who was more reserved and watched and learned. Now I’m starting to see that personality that we need to see from Julie — aggressiveness, calling for the ball in the post, being a leader.

Thorburn: Since Whitney Houston is clearly your starting point guard, will Chucky Jeffery serve as the backup or do you need to get her on the court at another position.

K-Mac: That’s a great question. That’s something we are continuing to explore. Chucky is getting reps at point guard but she is also going to play the two and the three spot. It remains to be seen when Whitney comes off the floor who steps into that spot. We have a lot of players challenging for it.

Thorburn: The Big 12 loses a number of dominant players from last season when nine of the 12 teams made it to the postseason. Do you think CU (picked 11th) can be a surprise team.

K-Mac: There is so much uncertainty in the league because there are going to be a lot of freshmen playing. It’s going to change the dynamics of the league and the uncertainty is exciting for us. Any team can flourish.

I’ll check in tomorrow with complete coverage of the Big 12 men’s press conferences.

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Ryan Thorburn has been a sports writer at the Camera since 2000. He covered the Denver Broncos beat for eight seasons (2000-2007). For the last six years Ryan has been covering the University of Colorado athletic department, including beat writing duties on men's basketball and column writing on football.
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